Pre Screen Questions - Best Practise

Check out our Pre-Screen Question best practise to streamline your application admin!

Pre-Screen Questions are a great tool within Firefish that allow you to add screening questions to your adverts, meaning you can find extra information on your candidates which isn't generally part of your application process. We can also automatically filter out any candidate applications that would be an immediate decline based on your requirements.

Adding Pre-Screen questions will allow you to automatically reject applications within your advert workflow, allowing you to spend more time reviewing those top tier candidates that will help you to make more placements quicker! Pre-Screen questions should be used when you have absolute, dead set requirements or need more information relating to one specific advert.

Your hiring manager may be looking for some information such as why your candidates are looking to work in a certain industry or for their company. The text option allows the candidates to provide a blurb on any question that may be needed as part of your job requirements.

The automatic rejection would be to a Yes/No question which the candidate answers as part of their application meaning you won't have to spend time reviewing and screening candidates who aren't a fit. This automatically emails the candidate to politely decline, saving you the admin of contacting them also.

5 Pre-Screen Questions to Consider

  • Do you have the right to Work/Live in the UK?
    Adding this as a Yes/No automatic reject question will allow you to easily filter out candidates that may require sponsorship

  • Do you hold a valid CSCS/SIA/(Industry-specific license) card?
    This would allow you to confirm candidates hold valid certifications for your role.

  • How would you consider your leadership style?
    This type of question can allow you an insight into the candidate's approach and provide talking points for your first interview

  • This is a 12-month Fixed Term Contract - would this contract type be suitable?
    For any out of the ordinary contract types, you can use the Pre-Screen questions to reconfirm what the candidates are applying for and confirm they are happy with it.

  • Do you have 3+ years of marketing experience?
    Again, this will help reconfirm your requirements to the candidate, as well as allowing you to auto-reject any candidates that state No.