Recording a Contract Time Capture

This page walks through the process of recording a contract time capture.

When ‘Time Capture’ has been enabled within Settings > Job Configuration > Contract Workflow > Placement the Time Capture column will show on the Placements tab of contract jobs:

Clicking on the Time Capture status icon will open the side panel allowing you to update the Hours/Days that a candidate has worked for the week and upload documents to the timesheet.

Time Capture Screen 6

  • The Save All button saves changes across multiple timesheets
  • The Save button saves changes to the timesheet you are currently viewing
  • The Complete button completes the timesheet you are currently viewing, making the fields read-only and changing the status to 'Complete'

The status and reference number of each timesheet are shown on the tab in the top left. The time capture statuses are:

  • Completed – All time entries are complete.
  • Incomplete - The current weeks time entry is not competed.
  • Overdue – The time entry has not been completed for a previous week.

Time Capture Screen 2

You’re able to add the details of any additional rates that have been worked by selecting +Add Rate. This will add an additional row to the day where you can update the details of the additional rate. If there are multiple rates available, the correct one can be selected from the dropdown:

Time Capture Screen 3

When a timesheet has been completed, edits can still be made by selecting the blue pencil icon.

Time Capture Screen 4

If you'd like to notify your accounts department with an email when a timesheet has been submitted for one of your placements, enter the email address in the Accounts Email setting in Job Configuration > Contract Workflow > Placements > Time Capture

Time Capture Screen 5

Anytime an edit to a time capture is completed, the following action is added to the Company, Job and Candidate record: