Recording Cost to Hire

When making any placement in Firefish, you can record where you sourced each candidate source as well as any resourcing or advertising costs. Once recorded, you can view this data at any time via a standard report.

Recording Cost to Hire

When placing a candidate, you'll see a Costs section where you can populate all your relevant costs:

Use the Candidate Source field to record whether your candidate was sourced from your Own Database, via an Agency or an Internal Referral.


If you select Agency, a Candidate Cost window will pop up, allowing you to enter the agency name and the % markup for sourcing the candidate. When you're finished, press Confirm.

The values available under the Agency field can be edited by Super Users via Drop Down Settings.

Internal Referral

If you choose Internal Referral, a Candidate Cost window will pop up allowing you to enter the referrer's name and any cost of the referral. When you have done this, press Confirm.

Once you've updated the candidate source, you can also enter any additional Resourcing or Advertising Costs. Firefish will automatically update the Total Cost.

When you're happy with all your costs to hire information, press Confirm to finish placing your candidate.

Cost to Hire Reporting

You can report on Costs to Hire via Analyse > Standard Reports > Jobs > Cost to Hire:

This report will show you all costs you've recorded against placements on your database.