Talent Pool Search Criteria

Here are our top tips on what search criteria to use in your talent pools (talentpools).

Talent Pools allow you to build dynamic candidate lists within your database.

Talent Pools are essentially CRM pools of candidates with search criteria that make them valuable to you. Once you save a Talent Pool, it will continue to add and remove candidates from the pool based on relevance.

As Talent Pools are dynamic, the results within the Talent Pool will change and will always be up to date, so its a great way to see the live data.

When setting up your Talent Pools, you can use a whole number of different search criteria.

Here's what they are and what they mean:

  • Preferences - Create a search based on a candidate's roles, disciplines and locations. This list can be used to market new roles to candidates as soon as they land on your desk!

  • Candidate Details - You can build a Talent Pool using the bespoke candidate details in your system. This can be great to keep up to date with the candidates who may need a certain certification or compliance to work, have a driving license or disclosure checks.

  • Marketing/Compliance - You can run searches based on candidates' marketing and GDPR opt-in status, allowing you to then create talent pools also based on this detail. For example, if you send out a newsletter, you could use a Talent Pool to have a live updating list of candidates to send this to based on their preferences.

  • Hot List - You could create a Talent Pool of candidates who have Hot Status, pulling together a list of all candidates who may be immediately available. You'll also be able to see people who no longer match, meaning you're not losing out on candidates who the status has recently dropped off for as you may in a search.

  • Updated Date - You could create a Talent Pool to see candidates who haven't engaged with you in the past X amount of time using the last updated date. This can be really helpful for users looking to re-engage past candidates and make use of all the data on the system.

You can learn how to create and manage your talent pools here!