Using Firefish for Business Development

Tips for using Firefish for recruitment BD

Firefish has some great tools to help you manage your business development opportunities.

We would always recommend having the contact record populated with as much data as possible. This will allow you to manage your knowledge of a contact and improve the quality of your searches within the database.

On the Contact record, its important to ensure we have as much detail as possible for the contact's personal information, so you have many options for contacting them.

Recruiters can also use Primary and Secondary Statuses and tags to code up hiring managers or other contacts within potential clients to note their current situation and relationship with your own company.

Tip: Superusers can edit the statuses available within Firefish in the Dropdown Settings

The Hiring Preferences tab on the contact record will allow you to code up your contacts based on the Disciplines, Locations and Specialities already set within the system.

From the Hiring Preferences you select, candidates who match based on their own Preferences will then display in the Potential Matches tab.

From the Potential Matches tab, Firefish will show you a an overview of the candidate, how they rank and you can preview their CV. We can consider a candidate directly to a live job for the contact or send out their CV on Spec to the contact. This allows us to send multiple spec CV's at once to our selected contact.

Searching Contacts for BD

Do you ever come across a 5-star candidate who's CV you want to send to everyone you know in the right industry and location? Well you can! Firefish users can search based on the data we have coded onto the contact records to create lists of of the most suitable candidates to spec out CVs to.

Using the Advanced Search will give recruiters more options in terms of searching for Contacts including searching based on the Status, Tags and Preferences that we have coded within the Contact record.

This allows users to create detailed searches based on information stored against contacts. It means if you were looking for Contacts with a Hot status, who are Hiring Managers(This may be different based on the statuses in your system), looking for accountancy and finance candidates in Scotland, you can easily build this search and view the results.

Once you have your search results, you can bulk Email, SMS or Send a CV on Spec to the contacts. You can also click into the individual records and take actions from within.

BD Actions

Within Firefish, we can Email, Call, SMS, Arrange Meetings and take Notes on People records. These are great for making and tracking business development efforts within Firefish.

Each Action has an action type such as such as recording a call as a Canvass Call or a Business Development Email. Emails can be edited to suit your needs before being sent, and if you have our VoIP solution, all calls made out can be recorded and stored on the contact record.

All actions are saved and a note can be added to the action history on the contacts record. You also have the option of adding a follow up date, which will give you a dashboard notification to remind you to keep in touch with the contacts you may not have heard back from.

You can find your reminders underneath the Contact Activity section on your Dashboard.