Where Have My Dashboard KPIs Gone?

Edit calendar settings which can affect KPIs in your dashboard

If your KPIs have suddenly disappeared, don't worry!

The calendar on Firefish follows standard accounts practices, so week 1 begins when 1st January falls. The default setting for the calendar is 4-4-5, so if 1st January falls mid-week, this will make January a 5 week month. This means that while you still have a week left to go, the calendar thinks it is the end of the month and has moved on to the next.

It's really easy to amend - you just need to change your calendar quarter mode to 5-4-4.

To Amend the the quarter mode, click the cog icon in the top menu section of the page. Then, select System Configuration from the drop down menu.

In the System Configuration section, click on General and then you will be able to change your calendar quarter mode.


You can also update other aspects of the calendar which can affect your KPIs in your Firefish system here including the start month, sales forecast mode and the day which is the start of your business week!

Once you have finished changing your settings, scroll down and click Save in the bottom-right corner of the screen.