6 Talent Pools That Will Help You Find the Best Candidates

Here are our top tips for using talent pools (talentpools) to help you find the best candidates and make more money.

Talent Pools are available to Professional and Enterprise users and is a dynamic search, where the results will update and automatically, adding new candidates who fit the search criteria and removing candidates who no longer match. Meaning your search information always be up to date.

Find more information on creating and managing your Talent Pools here.

  1. Hot Flame / Star Rating – Creating a Talent pool allows you to keep track of your top candidates who are immediately available and ready to place, making filling your jobs much quicker! You can find out more about hot candidates and star ratings here

  2. Contractors/ Temps Currently in Contract – Having a list of all your contracts or temps who are currently in a booking is a great way to be able to send out bulk emails/ SMS to keep them up to date. Also, from within a Talent Pool you will be able to see all of your candidates whose contracts have ended so you know they may now be immediately available and to ensure you are reaching out to place them in to new bookings.

  3. Certification/ Skill/ Language – If your roles require candidates to have certain certifications, skills or ability to speak a certain language, creating a Talent Pool will save you from having to run a search for candidates with certain certificates every time you get a new role in and will allow you to see easily any new candidates added that have that criteria.

  4. Update/ CV Last Updated – Creating a Talent Pool to see which candidates haven’t engaged with you within X amount of time can be a great way to re-engage with past candidate candidates or help cleanse your database.

  5. Candidate Details – Building a Talent Pool based on the Candidate details in your system will help keep up to date with the candidates who require certain compliance information to work and ensure these are always up to date.

  6. Preferences – If you recruit for roles within a specific discipline or Industry, having a talent pool set up for this is a great way to see any new candidates on your database that match the criteria which you can then match directly to your job or spec out to your clients resulting in quicker placements.