Advanced Set-up Steps for Super Users (Professional & Enterprise)

Advanced configuration for Super Users

Once you’ve got the configuration basics under control, here are some advanced configuration steps that will ensure everyone is maximizing your new software!

We recommend you complete these steps before session 2 of your Professional or Enterprise onboarding program.

1. Set up custom compliance details to ensure your candidates remain compliant from registration right through to placement.

2. If you work with contractors, you can add your commonly used limited- or umbrella companies to your supplier directory.

3. Set your team structure in Firefish so you can begin reporting on team performance.

4. Configure your Web registration and advert application forms to maximise the info you get from candidates from initial application.

5. Your job alerts will be set up in a default format, but you can customise your Job Alerts.

Enterprise only

If you're on our Enterprise package, you'll also have access to our Employer Portal feature.

Before you start giving your clients access to the Employer Portal, we strongly recommend you do these two things:

1. Customise the Employer Portal settings so you can be sure that the portal is doing exactly what you want it to do.

2. Set yourself up as a test employer so you can see exactly what your clients will see when accessing the Employer Portal and make any changes if necessary.