Advert Best Practice

Top tips to ensure you are getting the most out your adverts

It is vital when recruiting that you are posting high quality adverts to help attract highly skilled, relevant candidates within your core market! This article will explain what to include in your adverts and how to best structure them.


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What to Include

Lets start with the basics! Here is a quick checklist of what we consider ‘must haves’ when posting an advert:

  • Job title

  • Salary/Rate

  • Duration (If it is a fixed term contract or contract/temporary work)

  • Location

  • Advert content (includes Role, Responsibilities, Skills & Qualifications required and don't forget to mention Rewards/Benefits)

  • Next Steps

Advert Structure

Having a clear layout for your adverts helps keep you on track when creating your content, but not only that, it will also keep you on brand! If all consultants are following a similar layout, it means your brand wont be at risk by posting poor adverts that lack key information. Just like writing an essay, we want to break our structure down to have a beginning, a middle and end.


Start with a quick introduction into the role you are advertising for. Keep it concise as we will go into more detail later on. Your introduction should allow the candidate to access whether this is a suitable role for them and entice them to keep reading.


The middle section of you advert is where we recommended breaking down your advert content into the below areas:

Responsibilities: List a handful of key tasks the successful applicant will be expected to do. Remember your advert is not the full job description so this does not need to be an exhaustive list! Just enough to help the applicant understand the core responsibilities and how these relate to the business objectives.

Skills and Qualifications: Make sure to highlight the skills, qualifications and attributes that the ideal applicant will have. Break this down to what are requirements and what are just advantageous to have.

Rewards/Benefits: As well as providing the salary information, you want to ensure you are selling the benefits for your client. What are the key perks the successful applicant can look forward to? Rewards aren't always financial, so if your client offers flexible working, team incentives or a lucrative holiday allowance... shout about it!


Now that we have given our reader all of the relevant information, we want to ensure we are highlighting what we want them to do next. What are the next steps the reader should take if they are interested in applying for the job? You may also consider adding a contact email or phone number as well as the Firefish advert reference number to quote, so you can track where your applications came from.

Tone of Advert

Our advice is to maintain a consistent feel and tone of voice in your adverts while allowing your personality to shine through. The tone of the advert can compel the reader to take that next step and apply...if your excitement about the role comes through in the advert, the likelihood is they will be excited to!

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