We're currently in the process of moving Drop Downs settings into a new & improved settings page called Properties. This gives you even more control over fields available throughout your system.


Properties currently contains settings for:

  • Candidate Certifications

  • Company Terms

  • Custom Job Fields for Permanent and/or Contract jobs

  • Interview Stages

To access Properties, click the cog icon in the top menu section of the page. Then, select System Configuration from the drop down menu.

Firefish System Configuration menu with Properties tab selected

In Properties, use the Filter by field at the top of the page to select the area of the system you want to edit:

Firefish Properties menu with Candidate highlighted

If you're an Enterprise user, you'll only be able to access the Custom Job Fields for the Permanent and Contract Workflows on your secondary sites. All Properties can be accessed from your primary site, however.

Within Properties, you have the ability to:

Note that the options available can vary for each property.

Rename a property

Properties which can be renamed will have a blue pencil icon when Super Users hover over them. Simply click the pencil to rename the property and then hit Save in the bottom-right corner to save the changes.

Firefish Permanent Workflow Properties with Edit blue pencil symbol indicated

This will rename the property throughout your system e.g. renaming a custom job field will update the name of the property on the job workflow.

If you're an Enterprise user, renaming a property on any of your sites will update the name across all sites.

Enable or disable a property

Certain properties can be enabled or disabled via the Properties settings page, for example - Custom Job Fields.

Simply use the switch next to each option to enable or disable the property on either the Job Summary, at Offer/Placement Stage, or both.

You can also choose whether the property is mandatory or non-mandatory wherever you enable it throughout your system:

If you're an Enterprise user, you can choose to enable or disable Custom Job Fields per site. This means that you can use different fields for different sites, or choose to have the same field enabled across all sites.

Add, edit and sort drop-down values

Click into the Property where you'd like to add, edit or sort drop down values.

On the list of drop down values, click the +Add item:

Enter the new drop down value name then click Save at the bottom right hand side of the page.

To edit an existing value, simply click into the drop down value and edit the text. Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.

To sort the drop down values, click the icon to the left of any value and simply drag and drop the value into it's new position:

Delete drop down values

You can delete a drop-down value by clicking on the red bin icon.

If the value is already in use you will be asked to confirm that you still want to delete it.

Note that when you delete a drop-down value there is no way to restore it, (you can create a new one but it will not be linked to the previous records).

The exception to this rule is on the candidate certifications. This performs a "soft-delete" where you still have the option to restore it if you wish.

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