To suit your business needs, you have the ability to set bespoke custom fields for both your Permanent and Contract job workflows.

You can enable up to 2 custom text fields and up to 4 custom drop down fields for both Permanent and Contract jobs.

When editing the display names of your Custom fields you should ensure that each display name is unique, and this applies to fields across Permanent and Contract Workflows.

If you do need to have a Custom field that performs the same function on both workflows then we recommend changing the names slightly to ensure they are unique.

For example: to use a custom field for PO Number on both Contract and Permanent jobs try naming the field on Contract Workflow "PO Number (Contract)" and the field on Permanent Workflow "PO Number (Permanent)". Adding in the workflow to the field name will ensure they are unique.

Using Properties settings page, you can enable custom fields on the Summary and Offer stage of the job workflow, choose whether each field is mandatory or not mandatory and customise the drop down values available for each field.

This video will tell you everything you need to know:

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