In March, we have made updates to the candidate merge, archive delete functionality, legal basis statuses and release our Document E-Sign:

Merge Updates

Candidate Merge Modal

We have now changed the way the Candidate Merge modal works.

If a user wants to reverse the candidate merge, the arrow will no longer change direction. Instead, the candidate records will swap around including the text that includes the candidate's names.

The Candidate's Name is now in Bold to highlight the names of the records.

Merge Candidate Records โ€“ User Permissions

After receiving some Beta feedback, we have some follow-on updates to the Merge Candidate work.

  • Users can enable/disable the ability to Merge Candidate records for each user type. This ban be done by going to Settings > User Management > User Permissions>Candidate Merge

  • Users can search Candidates by email address in addition to the existing options


Archive and Delete Modal Buttons Swapped

We have swapped the Archive and Delete buttons to make the Archive and Delete functionality have a better flow.

Here is a view of the Archive/Delete function before and after in the Advert Applications:

Before -

After -

Legal Basis

Candidate Compliance - Legal Basis Type changes

We've improved the way that we record and display a candidate legal basis.

What differences will the users see?


Agreement Accepted actions will now display the legal basis at the end of the action title.

Agreement Accepted - [Legal Basis]

For example: "Agreement Accepted - By Candidate", "Agreement Accepted - Legitimate Interest" etc.

Previously this info wasn't recorded consistently.

The action note can also contain additional details e.g. the method used to accept the agreement, supporting evidence, etc.

Manual & Email Registration:

We've made the following changes to the Legal Basis the recruiter can select when registering the candidate:

Consent Provided:

This option replaces the 2 previous options "Consent Provided (Verbal)" and "Consent Provided (Written).

For Manual registration only - if you select Consent Provided you will also now be required to fill in a "Supporting Evidence" text field.

The info provided will be recorded as a note on the "Agreement Accepted - Consent Provided" action.

Contract - This option is no longer available when registering a candidate, (see Job Workflow below)

Job Workflow - Now when you place or extend an un-consented candidate on a contract job their status will be updated to compliant and an "Agreement Accepted - Contract" action will be created.

Document E-Sign

Document eSign

This new feature gives Candidates and Contacts the ability to sign their placement contracts electronically! We have also included the option for them to add a countersignature to each document as well.

Set up

The feature wonโ€™t need enabled, but there will be a new mail merge field that Clients will need to add to their Contract Placement emails. Full details on how to do this can be found on the Fish Tank page.

Once added to the placement emails, the link to signing the contract will display like this:

Using Document eSign

When a user confirms a Contract placement and generates their Candidate and Employer contracts, they will be presented with new options to insert the signature fields into the documents.

On the Candidate contract, the candidate will populate automatically when Candidate eSign is selected and a drop down will appear allowing them to choose a user when Counter eSign is selected:

For the Employer contract, selecting Contact eSign gives the user the option of the Contact from the job, or to search for a different contact at that Company/Associated Companies:

They can also add a countersignature in the same way as the Candidate Contract.

Signing Documents

When a Candidate, Contact or User clicks the signing link from an email, the signature modal will open in a new tab. They can then follow the steps to add their signature on desktop:

Candidates and Contacts will sign the document, and only then will any users be emailed to countersign.

Once all signatures have been completed, the Candidate, Contact and User placing the job will all receive a final PDF copy of the signed document and this will also be saved as the Final Contract on the placement summary

Full details for Document eSign can be found here:

UI Updates

Talent Pools Modal Update

We have made a minor change to the talent pools modal when adding or editing a Talent Pool:

The changes made:

1. Talent Pools Name has been renamed to Name.

2. The Keywords Search box has been increased in Width.

3. The Modal has also been increased in Width.

Here is an image of how the modal looks now:

Fish Tank Page Updated -

UI amendments to the Reports Dashboard

When using the reports dashboard, you will now see that the Viewing For is now in bold and when you select a Date, User(s), or Team(s) when making that selection, the selected item text will become bold:

Fish Tank Page Updated -

Recently Viewed Panel / Menu Changes

We have updated the functionality that drives the icons in the recently viewed menu side bar.

Previously the Employer portal was displaying the globe icon for all items.

The icons for the Employer, Recruiter and Candidate portal will now display the parent icon for each page in the side bar. The search and results page will display a magnifying glass icon.

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