Managing Your Registration Workflow

Check out our best practise guide for managing your candidate registration workflow.

Ensuring a great candidate experience from the very start is crucial for recruiters as this helps keep them engaged from the beginning leading to more committed candidates and placements! Here are some of our top tips for managing your registration workflow.

Getting your registration forms right is key to ensuring that as a recruiter, you are capturing all the required data to successfully screen and review your candidates. However, it’s important not to put your candidates off with lengthy forms and irrelevant questions that they may not want to complete. 

Assigning your New Registrations

Firefish gives you the ability to assign new registrations to either all users or to a specific individual who would then be responsible for processing all of the new registrations. Once you have decided who will be responsible for managing your new registrations you can update this within the Registration Plugin.

Managing your new Registrations on your Dashboard

Whenever a new candidate has been registered either via manual registration, web registration on advert registration, these will appear on your Dashboard To Do list under ‘New Registrations’. It is important that you check this on a regular basis and ensure that you action all of your new registrations either by conducting a welcome call/email or if they are not suitable for the types of roles you recruit for then you can archive or delete them from your database.

It’s also important to ensure your new candidates have the correct marketing preferences and that their profile is updated all the relevant information such as preferences, skills and availability as this will help ensure your new candidates appear on your potential matches and searches so that you are not missing out on great new talent.


It is vital that you ensure you have their consent to store their data inline with GDPR regulations. When a candidate has been added to the system you should make sure that you are send out your GDPR agreement and that candidates also accept this agreement. You can find out more about managing your candidate compliance here.