Report Card Library

Save time by selecting dashboard cards from the Report Card Library

When adding cards to the Reports Dashboard, you can either create a card from scratch, or select pre-made cards from our Report Card Library.

Accessing the Report Card Library

To access the Report Card Library, when on the Reports Dashboard you click the Add Card bottom at the top right, and then click Library.

Add Card - Library

This opens up a side panel for the Report Card Library.

Report Card Library side panel

Here you can browse the pre-made Report Cards, grouped by the kind of information they show e.g. Marketing or Company Overview.

Adding a Report Card from the Report Card Library

Selecting any of the Report Cards will show a preview using your own data. The time period shown for this preview matches what you have set up on your Dashboard.


Once you have selected a Report Card that you'd like to add to your Dashboard, click the Next button at the bottom right of the side panel.

This takes you to a screen where you can make any changes to the Report Card, with the same options available as when you add a card from scratch.

Report Card Library edit card

If you decide that this is not the card you want to use, you can click the Back button, which will take you back the Report Card Library where you can select a new card.

Once you have made the changes you want, click Save to add the card to your Dashboard.

Report Card Library saved card

If needed, you can then edit the card from your Dashboard in the usual way, by clicking the three dots at the top right of the card.