Top Tips for Sending SMS to Candidates

Here are our top tips for sending SMS messages to your candidates through your Firefish CRM.

With over 70% higher open rates than emails, SMS is a great way to reach out to candidates quickly and drive candidate engagement. Here are some of our top tips for sending SMS messages to your candidates via Firefish.

Getting candidates to opt into SMS Marketing

Ensuring your candidates are opted into SMS marketing is key as this will allow you to send SMS messages to your candidates not only from their candidate record, but also from Searches, Talent Pools and early stages of the Job Workflow such as your Potential Match list. Here is a guide on how to send SMS in bulk.

For users on our Professional and Enterprise packages, you can ensure that your Registration and Application forms are correctly set up to include SMS Marketing via the Registration Plugin.

For candidates already on the system that are not yet opted into SMS marketing, it’s beneficial to explain the benefits of opting in so they can be kept up to date with your latest jobs via SMS and encourage them to update their Subscriptions Tab within their candidate profile.

Ensure your set-up is correct

Before getting started, it’s important to make sure that your set-up is correct for Response Alerts to receive an email alert when someone replies to an SMS and also configure your Delivery attempts to prevent multiple credits being used for numbers that are not receiving your SMS.

For more information on how to configure your SMS settings, check out this article here.

SMS Content

Just like a normal text message, the character limit for 1 credit is 160 standard characters so it’s best to keep your messages short and concise to prevent multiple credits from being used per SMS.

If you are sending SMS messages to your candidates to make them aware of your latest new vacancies it is recommended to include the following information:

  • Job Title

  • Location

  • Salary / Pay Rate

  • Hours

  • Company name

  • How they should get in touch

Currently on an SMS package or want to know more about how SMS can help your business, then check out our SMS packages 📱