What Should I Be Reporting On?

Reporting is a vital tool to help you make informed business decisions, but what metrics should you be looking at?

Reporting is key within all businesses – analysing the data we have allows us to make informed business decisions.

Firefish stores vast amounts of data meaning you analyse all the actions you take and the information you place into the system can be reviewed to help you make informed choices from which Job Boards to use, your most profitable stream of business and team performance.

But every business has different needs – so what should I be reporting on for a business of my size?

When you’re working solo, you’ll have a good idea of your candidate base and progress on your live jobs, so how can reporting help you?

For this, we’d recommend keeping an eye on your Candidate Source standard report – this report can provide vital information on your best job boards and sources, ensuring you aren’t breaking the bank on sources that aren’t pulling their weight!

Our New Registration standard report can also be a great tool to see the methods of registration of these candidates, and ensuring you are reaching to them when they do engage with your business.

I've got a small team

When you have a small team of recruiters, you may start to look at the above details on candidate registrants, but start to pull in further information on team performance.

Firefish allows you to accurately create and track KPI's for your team and this can also be reported on from within our standard reports.

Our standard reports you may wish to utilise would be your Sales Figures and Live Job Progress reports, allowing you to keep track of pipeline and progress across the business.

At this level, it's always recommended to set up a Report Dashboard where you can review this weekly with the team. The Reports dashboard will show you Candidate, Contact, Company and Job information, allowing you to create multiple cards across several modules and review the data at a glance! Why not use this as the basis for your team meetings? You can utilise this data to review actions taken such as BD Calls and CV's Sent!

I've got a large team

When you are managing a larger team, you may want to have a more comprehensive overview of the business and smaller teams within.

This is why all our standard reports allow you to filter on your team structure when utilising Firefish Professional and Enterprise. You can use these reports listed above across the business and also analyse the functions within!

In addition to the above, you may want to check out the Time To Fill report to check your high performers and look out at the Advert Performance to see which sectors/industries and engaging with your business.

If you are looking to review data on a more personalised basis, you can use our report builder to pull out custom reports based on all data input to the system!

Building custom reports allows you to pick out individual segments of data for analysis, allowing you to review granular detail within any of the modules, such as Placement Information!

We would always recommend setting up a report dashboard for each of the smaller teams within your business - this allows you and the teams to review their own actions and KPI's.

The Reports Dashboard allows you to create multiple dashboards and restrict access to the users of their own team, meaning you can make each specific to each team! If you have a BD team, you may wish to set this up with Terms sent and CV Sent on Spec actions as the main cards, whereas a delivery team may be looking more into Interview actions!