Business Development Best Practice

Here are our top tips for maximising your business development strategy with Firefish.

his section of the Recruitment Academy is all about maximising your business development from coding your data correctly, creating hit lists and using email marketing.

Coding Contact and Candidates Data

Coding your data correctly with as much information as possible is key to ensuring you’re making the most of the business development tools on Firefish. If this information is completed correctly this allows for a more refined search when sending CV’s on spec, creating saved searches and more giving you the best possible chance of winning new business. 

Hiring Preferences

Coding this data allows you to immediately see what candidates match contact hiring preference on your data base by using the potential matches tab. From the potential matches tab, you can then send spec CV’s. Hiring preferences are also important when sending marketing emails to prospect clients.


For a candidate to appear on a contact potential matches list it is important that the candidate preference tab to also be completed correctly as this will determine which Potential Match lists the candidate appears on.


Having tags on contacts is a great business development tool to identify those contacts you actively want to target, quickly and efficiently. This also allows you to separate your prospects by adding tags such as Warm, Cold, Competitor, Lead.


Creating Hit Lists

Hit lists are a great way to save search criteria that you use regularly so that you can easily reach out to the same prospect clients without have to fill out the search criteria every time. It is important to note that you can have as many saved searches as you want. Hit lists are important for when you’re reaching out to prospect clients in different industries, it allows you to tailor your marketing strategy to a particular industry in bulk.

Additionally, it allows you to create lists of hot prospects giving you a detailed list of businesses that are more likely to turn into a success. If you want to know how to create a saved search, you can find more information in this article.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing in Firefish has been designed for ease of use. It is an important tool for any business and a proven way of developing business leads.

For top tips on email email marketing check out this blog. 

Send CV’s on Spec

What better way to win over potential business then showing your leads the level of candidates you’re capable of producing? Sending a Candidate's CV speculatively to a Contact can be done from various places throughout Firefish and has been designed so that you can send one or more with a click of a button.

When sending CVs on spec ensure you are using the formatted CV tool in Firefish. Overlooking the format on a candidate’s CV can be a determining factor of getting that candidate in front of the client. It is important that what you’re sending is presentable and easy to read.

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