To ensure your database is fully GDPR-compliant, Firefish indicates the candidate's compliance status clearly on their candidate record.


If 'Not Applicable' has been selected at this stage or the consent request has expired then the candidate will appear as 'non compliant' on their record:

  • If you have Non-Compliant candidates, you should try and gain the candidate's compliance to your Candidate Agreement. If they do not respond to this, you should consider deleting their data.

  • Super Users can send out the Candidate Agreement to Non-Compliant candidates in the system in bulk by using the Legal Plugin, and all users can do this on the Subscriptions tab of a candidate record.

Awaiting Compliance

Candidates who are 'awaiting compliance' are those who have received your agreement but have not agreed within the first 14 days of receiving it - but are still within the expiry time limit of 28 days.

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