5 Quick Set-up Steps for Super Users

Get your Firefish system up and running


As soon as you have been given your Firefish Super User login, you can begin working through these 5 configuration steps to get your system up and running.

If you aim to work through these steps before your first onboarding session, this will free up time for you to dive into workflows with your Onboarding Manager so you make the most of your session.

1. Set up your company email settings so you and your team can begin emailing candidates and clients straight from within Firefish.

2. If you’re using Microsoft 365, you can also enable email logging and create your company never-log list to begin tracking inbox activity.

3. Set up your company’s unique Candidate Preferences by editing your drop downs.

This will allow potential matching to kick in and take away the hard work of digging for relevant candidates.

The preferences you can personalise to suit your business are:

  • Disciplines & Roles: Which functions/divisions and types of jobs do you recruit for?

  • Locations: Which location(s) do you recruit in?

  • Specialty: Use this section to define which sectors if you recruit cross-sector roles.

And don’t forget to update your candidate source and company industry dropdowns.

4. Add your Candidate Agreement to the Legal plugin.

5. Add your template documents to your documents library.