Top Tips for Using Email Templates

Follow our top tips for using email templates within Firefish.

All actions within Firefish have email templates related to tasks you are completing from setting up a registration meeting to placing your top candidates.

The email templates allow you to create consistent communication with all your candidates and contacts, ensuring they receive the best experience when in contact with your business.

Editing email templates should help you save time crafting communications each time you need to get in touch with a hiring manager or ask a candidate for more details. By having email templates set up in your Firefish system you can ensure your team are following your processes and sending out quality communications.

Tone of Voice

Consistency is key in putting across your tone of voice as a business. When it comes to creating communications with outside stakeholders, consistency is key! Whether you are placing marketing content on social, confirming placement details or even sending a gift package to a hiring manager, it's key to ensure your brand has a consistent tone of voice and communication style. Having consistency throughout your communications will help build your brand and this starts with the direct interactions candidates and employers have with your recruiters.

To identify the tone of voice to use, you need to consider the branding you have already established and the audience you are engaging with. For example, if you are recruiting C -Level candidates for a professional services industry such as banking or law, you communication style may be rather formal, whereas here at Firefish, we tend to use a more informal conversation tone, including as many fin-tastic fish puns as possible.

How should I write my Templates

Each template is there with a specific purpose in mind. As a business, you should review these templates to see what information you are looking to capture at each of these stages.

  • Can this be simplified by using a merge field?

  • Can you save the users time by attaching things such as Interview Guides or Pre-Screen Questionnaires?

In Firefish, each template is designed in mind with a particular purpose in mind - for example, the interview confirmation to a candidate is designed to provide all the details the candidate may require ahead of the meeting. The templates have our default content within them, however, we would always recommend reviewing these and putting your own style and tone into them.

Reviewing and refreshing the templates will allow you to ensure the communications are consistent with your brand, as well as allowing your recruiters to save time when sending by ensuring all information relevant to your business and candidates is included.

When writing your email templates its important to consider:

  • Does this match the tone we want to convey?

  • Does this give all the relevant information - What information does the recipient need to know?

  • Can I use merge fields to personalise and simplify the communication?

  • Can I provide additional information by linking to a website or downloadable document, or even use the template documents to attach to some emails such as interview guides?

Bulk Emails (Mailshots)

Firefish allows you to bulk email candidates and contacts through several tools such as Bulk Emails, Advert Mailshots and Job Alerts.

These can be used to reach out large portions of your database at once, so it's important to ensure these templates are engaging to the recipient.

Firefish allows you to have 5 templates set up for both candidates and contacts, and we would recommend having these set up for different types of communications. These could be:

  • Your Latest Blogs

  • Featured Vacancies

  • Industry News

  • Company Updates

  • Offers and information on your services

  • Whitepapers and sector research you have conducted

Within your Job Alerts and Mailshots, these relate specifically to the adverts that are relevant to the candidates due to receive them. We'd recommend that you include as much information about the job as you can offer at the sourcing stage, and ensure you are selling the position to the candidate - this is a marketing exercise after all. You can find full details on our best practise for these emails here!