Using the Contact Record

How to use Contact records

The Contact Record is where all the information on your client contacts is stored. You use this record to track their details and preferences and record Actions for the contacts.


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In the General Details tab, you'll find general information about the contact; like contact details and Owner. To update any details, just make the necessary amendments and click Save.

You also have the option to add Tags to your contacts, which makes it easier to search for contacts with specific terms. To add Tags, just type into the box and click +Add. If you have used that Tag in another contact's record, it will appear as an option for you to select once you start typing.

Contact Tags are separate to the Skills you'll find in candidate records, so a Skill added to a candidate will not appear as an option in a in contact Tags, unless specifically added to another contact (and vice versa).

On this page, you can also view the recent actions taken against a contact - for example, communication such as calls and emails, job or advert actions, notes and meetings and changes to the contacts marketing preferences or compliance status.

Actions relating to notes, meetings and contacting the contact can be deleted from the record by clicking the red Bin icon which appears when you hover your cursor over items.

Actions which display a blue Pencil icon when you hover your cursor over them can be edited. Simply click the Pencil, edit the item as needed and Save.

Hiring Preferences

Use Hiring Preferences to build a detailed picture of what contacts look for in their ideal candidates so you can build a customised list of Potential Matches for that contact.

Start filtering using the Disciplines, Locations and Specialties, or any combination. You can also use the Keywords field, which uses a Boolean search just like the one you use in the candidate search. This will search a candidate's most recently uploaded CV and the candidate profile by default. You can choose to only search the CV by un-ticking the Include Candidate Profile box. You can also specify if a contact is interested only in Permanent or Contract candidates.

Super Users can customise the options available for preferences in System & System Configuration & Drop Downs.

Potential Matches

The contact Potential Matches tab is where you'll find a dynamic list of candidates that the contact might be interested in, based on the details in their Hiring Preferences tab. If the contact is associated to a company, you can also use the company postcode to filter candidates based on how far away they are.


The Recruitment tab allows you to view a contact's full recruitment history. There you'll find a list of all jobs the contact is assigned to from current and past employment.

You can use the Filter button at the top right of the list to filter by Recruiter, job title, company, type, status and/or stage.


In the Subscriptions tab, you'll see clearly if a contact has agreed to receive marketing, and in which capacity. You can also do this using the Marketing module (for Professional and Enterprise clients only).